K - 6th Level Afternoon Class

The K - 6 afternoon class covers all subject areas including: Literacy (Reading and Writing), Science, Social Studies, and Math. This class schedule is suitable for students enrolled in the 1x and 2x Day Optional Program.

Teacher: ShaShauna McIver


Grading Periods:

August 12 - October 11

October 14 - December 20

January 6 - March 6

March 16 - May 22


Reviewed Math TEKS

  • Number and Operations
  • Algebraic Reasoning
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Data Analysis
  • Personal Financial Literacy


Cross-Curricular (Literacy / Social Studies / Science) Unit Essential Questions

Grade 1-

Unit 1: What is a neighborhood?

Unit 2: How do living things grow and change?

Unit 3: How can we use our imaginations?

Unit 4: Why is the past important?

Unit 5: How do the seasons affect us?

Grade 2-

Unit 1: How do different places affect us?

Unit 2: What patterns do we see in nature?

Unit 3: What makes a tradition?

Unit 4: Why is it important to connect with other people?

Unit 5: How does earth change?

Grade 3-

Unit 1: How does our environment affect us?

Unit 2: How do plants and animals live together?

Unit 3: What makes a hero?

Unit 4: How do communities change over time?

Unit 5: How does the world challenge us?

Grade 4-

Unit1: How can a place affect how we live?

Unit 2: How do living things adapt to the world around them?

Unit 3: How can we reach new understandings through exploring diversity?

Unit 4: How do our stories shape our world?

Unit 5: Why is it important to understand our planet?

Grade 5-

Unit 1: How do journeys change us?

Unit 2: How do we learn through our observations?

Unit 3: How do experiences of others reflect our own?

Unti 4: What does it mean to be free?

Unit 5: How do elements of systems change?

Grade 6-

Unit 1: What are some of the challenges and triumphs of growing up?

Unit 2: How can people and animals relate to each other?

Unit 3: How is modern technology helpful and harmful to society?

Unit 4: Where can imagination lead?

Unit 5: What drives people to explore?

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12PM - 3:30PM 12PM - 3:30PM 12PM - 3:30PM 12PM - 3:30PM 12PM - 3:30PM