About The Academy

The Academy at World Champions Centre is an accredited and NCAA approved Texas non-profit college preparatory private school. The Academy seeks to provide a high-quality academic education to young athletes pursuing a future in the sport of gymnastics. The Academy is located inside The World Champions Centre facility. 

School Curriculum

The Academy primarily follows the state suggested curriculum provided by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) called the Texas Essentiaal Knowledge and Skills, also known as TEKS. Our educational resources were selected in regards to following state and nationally aligned standards. These include resources from nationally acclaimed publishers, such as Savvas (formerly Pearson) and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The scholar will have access to traditional, as well as online resources that help supplement and reinforce their learning potential.

Student Academic Assessments

The Academy will be assessing scholars in reading, language, and math three times throughout the academic school year. These times will be scheduled at the Beginning-of-Year (BOY), Middle-of-Year (MOY), and End-of-Year (EOY) dates. The tool that will be used to assess the scholars' academic proficiency is called MAP Growth, an online assessment application. This assessment tool is commonly used in the public and private school sectors to evaluate and address a scholar's academic progress. It provides reliable reports by identifying the specific TEKS that the scholar may need to continue to develop, or is ready to develop.  For example, providing report details, a 5th grade scholar may need to continue to develop a skill that had not been mastered from 3rd grade, therefore the report data informs the educator which specific TEKS standard they must review with the scholar.  On the flip side, a report will also provide specific TEKS standards that a scholar may begin being challenged with from the 7th grade.  Our goal as an academic team (parent, teacher, and scholars) is to ensure that our scholars be on grade level, or advance to their potential. 

Student Information and Learning Management System

As part of our mission to provide a balance between school and sports, The Academy will be providing tools and technology (including an interactive Smartboard) that will assist in providing transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency in and outside the classroom.  The Academy will be assigning a laptop to each scholar to use throughout the school year. This will allow each student to conduct research, access online resources, and interface with our learning management system. Both students and parents will be able to easily access lesson plans, assignment schedules, real-time grades, and resources that will supplement textbook materials. Parents will always have the opportunity to be aware and informed about what their scholar is accomplishing.

The staff with The Academy at WCC have been working diligently in providing a positive and memorable experience for our current and future student-athletes. We are excited about these updates, which will support the gymnast's lifestyle while making sure that our scholars fulfill their goals and dreams.